Mean Reversion Mastery

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Identify high probability trades effortlessly

The ChartSmart Trading Scanner calculates probable market direction by identifying when price is most likely to return to the Moving Average of your choice.

Replace guess work with advanced statistical probability. Getting market direction right makes every other aspect of trading easier. No more spending hours in front of the computer searching through charts looking for a set up. The ChartSmart Trading Scanner identifies, quantifies and alerts you to the very best set ups. Effortlessly in Real Time.

Price ALWAYS returns to the mean

The scanner calculates time spent away from the mean, distance travelled from the mean and rate of change of the mean to quantify when a reversion to the mean is statistically probable

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Mean Reversion Software

The ChartSmart Trading Scanner calculates the statistical probability of price returning to the Moving Average of your choice, before you enter a trade. It does this by calculating:

  1. Distance price has traveled from the mean
  2. Time price has spent away from the mean
  3. Rate of Change of the mean

Fully automated real time scanning and data analysis. Real time alerts to your phone. Please visit our video section under the resources tab or follow the link to our YouTube channel for more information.

ChartSmart Trading Scanner
  • Always trade in the most likely direction
  • Never miss a trade set up
  • Prospect for trades using live streaming data and trade signals
  • View up to 40 different instruments on a single screen
  • Calculate probability of trade success in real time
  • Effectively manage open positions using live streaming probability data
  • See potential profit in pips
  • Identify trade opportunities impossible to see with the naked eye
  • Completely customizable
    • Any Time Frame
    • Any EMA
    • Any instrument (Forex, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities etc)

Mean Reversion Scanner $797.00

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Identify in advance when price is going to return to the mean

Real time alerts to your Smartphone, E-mail and On-Screen

Forex. Stocks. Indexes. Bonds. Commodities

Any Moving Average. Any Time Frame

Non stop scanning - never miss another trade set up

Scan up to 40 instruments on a single screen

Zero lag real time analysis

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100% Money Back Guaranteed

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Justin at ChartSmart gave me the biggest break I could ever have asked for. His experience in trading and analysis of different chart patterns from a technical analysis point of view is top notch.

I came into trading with years of experience, but never quite got over the roadblocks which every trader would inevitably face.

It's with his guidance and thorough mentoring that lead to the breakthrough. He doesn't simply force his system down your throat, he is a great listener and great at understanding what style of trading works best for you. He then builds the strategy to fit your style.
Add to it the constant check up to see how things are going and to see if everything is going smoothly or needs fine tuning. He is always there to lend a helping hand.
Bryan - Hong Kong

"ChartSmart's trading systems and approach have allowed me to stocks successfully for the first time in 4 years. I can't thank you enough."