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"Justin at ChartSmart gave me the biggest break I could ever have asked for. His experience in trading and analysis of different chart patterns from a technical analysis point of view is top notch.

I came into trading with years of experience, but never quite got over the roadblocks which every trader would inevitably face.

It's with his guidance and thorough mentoring that lead to the breakthrough. He doesn't simply force his system down your throat, he is a great listener and great at understanding what style of trading works best for you. He then builds the strategy to fit your style.
Add to it the constant check-up to see how things are going and to see if everything is going smoothly or needs fine tuning. He is always there to lend a helping hand."
Bryan - Hong Kong

"Looking at the market in terms of probabilities has totally changed my perspective. Now I am working on building my skills, especially learning to trust the process, not how I feel! For the first time I have glimpsed that this might be possible." - M. Yoko